Arrested a 25-year-old car thief

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Saarbrücken / Neunkirchen (ots) - In the night from Friday, June 26.06.2020th, 27.06.2020 to Saturday, June 25th, XNUMX, a break-in occurred in Ottweiler with subsequent theft of a Mini Countryman with the original key. As part of intensive search measures, the investigators from the burglary department managed to find the stolen vehicle in Saarbrücken and arrested a XNUMX-year-old man from Saarbrücken. He is now in the Saarbrücken JVA.

According to the first findings of the investigators, the 25-year-old first opened a car parked in front of the property, in which he found a garage door opener. After first stealing an e-bike from the garage, he subsequently came through the garage into the building and searched it. He stole a variety of electrical items (iPad, MacBook, GoPro, cell phone, etc.) and the vehicle key to the Mini Countryman that was later stolen.

At around 04:00 a.m. a witness saw a parked vehicle near the scene from which a man with two bags was walking. The following afternoon, the witness found that the suspect vehicle had different license plates. He informed the police. It turned out that this vehicle is being used by a man from Saarbrücken who has already appeared in the police force.

Both he and the stolen Mini could be found in the course of the search at a Saarbrücken gas station.

When the suspect was arrested, the investigators found parts of the stolen goods. An ordered search of the 25-year-old's apartment led to the discovery of a variety of other evidence.

After being shown at the judge and the arrest warrant applied for, the accused was taken to the Saarbrücken JVA.

The investigation continues.

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Originally written by: State Police Headquarters Saarland

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