FDP wants double-digit results in federal elections

The FDP wants to achieve a result of more than ten percent in the federal election in a year.

“We got over ten percent in the last general election. We want to be in the double digits this time too, ”said the designated FDP General Secretary Volker Wissing to Focus.

From Wissing's point of view, the next federal government must focus on the recovery of public finances and must therefore also lower taxes. "We have to invest a lot more and consume less," Wissing told Focus. The investment rate is too low. “This applies to public and even more private investments. We have to give companies more capital so that they can invest more. "

Therefore, tax relief is still correct. "We also have to improve the depreciation options," said Wissing. "We want a healthy relationship between public income and expenditure."

If social spending increases unilaterally, there is a lack of money for education and investments. “This is not how you can permanently finance a welfare state. In the end, social cohesion is eroded. "