FDP and Greens want to repeat warning day

After the breakdowns around Warning Day, politicians from the FDP and the Greens are calling for the exercise to be repeated.

The sirens wailed nationwide, but the danger report from the warning apps NINA and Katwarn only arrived on the smartphones a good half hour late, reports the "Bild" (Friday edition). “NINA was developed to sound the alarm quickly and precisely and to warn the population of dangers. After the system has failed, the NINA test alarm has to be repeated, ”said FDP Vice President and interior expert Stephan Thomae of“ Bild ”.

Above all, however, the warning app must become better known. Tobias Lindner, budget and security expert for the Greens, demands clarification about the causes of the late warnings via app: “Such breakdowns are not trivial. It is unbelievable that millions are invested in a warning system that would have failed miserably in an emergency. ”The reasons why warning messages were delivered too late or sometimes not at all must be thoroughly investigated. “We should repeat the warning day as soon as possible.” Stephan Mayer (CSU), Parliamentary State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of the Interior, told the newspaper: “The app breakdown was annoying. But the test run was intended to identify and remedy errors. "

A central pillar of effective and high-quality civil protection and disaster protection is that in the event of an incident, storm or natural disaster, all citizens are informed reliably, accurately and as quickly as possible. "That is why several warning channels are necessary to ensure that, even in the event that an alarm system fails, the necessary information reaches those affected," says Mayer.