FDP: Pay out money from the digital pact faster

Chairs in the hallway of a school, about dts
Chairs in the hallway of a school, about dts
The FDP parliamentary group demands that schools can apply for money for "digital classrooms" much faster and easier during the corona crisis in Germany.

In the Bundestag, the parliamentary group wants to submit a corresponding application, which the news portal Watson reports on. Purpose of the application: The schools should receive the grants in the coming weeks so that craftsmen who have additional capacities due to the corona crisis can install the necessary technology in the classrooms already during the summer holidays.

Thanks to the faster rain of money, according to the will of the FDP deputies, pupils should be able to use digital teaching aids such as tablets and learning software immediately after the summer holidays, so that lessons from home can work better. Katja Suding, Vice-President of the FDP, said of her group's plans: “The digital pact billions must finally arrive at the schools. The money in the Ministry of Education has been acidifying for a year. ” The application process was “far too bureaucratic” for schools and municipalities, it had to be simplified and digitized. "The pandemic-related school closures have made the digital grievances visible in many schools." The educational opportunities of an entire generation are at stake, said Suding. In addition to simpler regulations, the FDP faction called for a central online platform on which schools can apply for money from the digital pact. The liberals also repeated their call for a “Digital Pact 2.0”: the federal and state governments should agree on further expenditure in order to make the classrooms more digital.

According to the FDP, the money was to be used, among other things, to hire IT administrators, train teachers and promote the development of learning software.

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