FDP argues over economic course

Against the background of low poll values, FDP members of the Bundestag demand a reorientation of the party in economic policy.

"Just to please the established middle class in Ostwestfalen-Lippe, that alone is not enough," said Bundestag member and former Telekom board member Thomas Sattelberger of the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung". Modern knowledge workers, founders and experts are still lagging behind the Greens.

"It is a question of appearance: do we smell of muff or do we smell of avant-garde." The party had to focus more on strategic topics such as education or digitization instead of chasing short-term trends. Similarly, the job market expert and North Rhine-Westphalian FDP general secretary Johannes Vogel said: "Of course, we should not be guided solely by what was thought good economic policy 30 years ago," he told the newspaper. “The medium-sized companies in my constituency, for example, know very well that they have to face the climate debate.” Especially in the crisis, the party should not be tempted to narrow its program. "The FDP must stand for the promise of education and advancement." Harsh criticism of the party's economic policy was exercised by entrepreneurs who had supported the party's resurgence in the recent federal election campaign. "The FDP lacks the specialist knowledge, and a party to the market economy cannot afford it in the long term," said the clinic investor and long-time FDP major donor Lutz Helmig of the FAS. The FDP had achieved a result of 2017 percent in the 10,7 election, but now stands at around five percent in polls and must fear that it will re-enter parliament. At a party conference in September, the chairman Christian Lindner wants to get the FDP ready for the upcoming election year.

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