Euro area inflation up to 0,3 percent in June

Cheese, about dts
Cheese, about dts
Inflation in the euro area is expected to be 2020 percent in June 0,3 compared to the same month in the previous year.

The EU statistics office Eurostat announced on Tuesday after a quick estimate. In May, annual inflation was 0,1 percent.

With regard to the main components of inflation in the euro area, the food, alcohol and tobacco sector is expected to have the highest annual rate in June (3,1 percent compared to 3,4 percent in May), followed by services (1,2st , 1,3 percent compared to 0,2 percent in May), “industrial goods without energy” (9,4 percent, unchanged from May) and “energy” (-11,9 percent compared to -XNUMX percent in May), according to the statisticians further. The European Central Bank (ECB) claims to have an inflation target just below two percent.

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