Osram, about dts
Osram, about dts

EU parliamentarians warn of Osram smashing

European politicians are concerned about the possible destruction of the traditional Osram group.

Innovative technologies could be sold to companies outside Europe, according to a letter to competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager, about which the “Handelsblatt” reports. "In the light of the virus pandemic, Osram's lighting technology is a key industry for Europe," said the Christian Democrats' internal market spokesman for the EU Parliament, Andreas Schwab (CDU), the newspaper.

You want to know how the EU Commission wants to ensure that this technology can be kept in Europe. Schwab wrote the letter to Vestager together with his Italian colleagues Alessandra Moretti, Lombard social democrat, and Massimiliano Salini, Venetian conservative. By July 6, the competition keepers want to decide on the acquisition of Osram by the Austrian photonics specialist AMS. Since the two companies overlap only slightly in their product range, approval of the merger is expected. The trio of German-Italian MPs demanded that the possible consequences be carefully examined when granting approval under competition law. "We have to be very careful to ensure that the EU Commission also applies its own political objectives in merger control," said Schwab.

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