EU budget: Weber criticizes threats of veto by Poland and Hungary

Manfred Weber, about dts
Manfred Weber, about dts
The leader of the conservative European People's Party (EPP) in the European Parliament has sharply criticized Hungary and Poland's threat to veto the EU budget package that has just been agreed.

"It is simply not possible for individual states to hold the whole of Europe hostage for selfish reasons," said the CSU politician Manfred Weber to the "editorial network Germany" (Monday editions). He could only appeal to the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and the Polish government, Weber said.

"Anyone who claims that they do not hinder the independence of the media and the judiciary need not fear the new rule of law mechanism." Weber called the agreement of Hungary and Poland to the rule of law mechanism an "important test case" for the functionality of the EU. "The European Parliament will only release the huge sum of money if all member states adhere to the European canon of values," said Weber. “Orbán should at least give the mechanism a chance. That would be a good sign. Because the mechanism is finally depoliticizing the dispute over the rule of law, ”said Weber.

It is not politics that decide whether any punishments against rule-of-law sinners are lawful or not, Weber said. “That's what the European Court of Justice does. That is also in Orbán's sense. Quite apart from the fact that Hungary is also dependent on Corona aid funds. "

Hungary and Poland are threatening to block the largest financial package in EU history. It consists of the so-called multi-year budget of just under 1,1 trillion euros and a corona aid program worth 750 billion euros. The governments of both states reject the introduction of a rule of law mechanism.

With this, the EU could for the first time financially punish states that violate fundamental European values.