Ethics Council member: Compulsory vaccination for certain professional groups conceivable

People with protective mask in front of a hospital, about dts
People with protective mask in front of a hospital, about dts
Ethics Council member Wolfram Henn considers a job-specific vaccination requirement to be conceivable.

“Someone who works in a care facility or in an intensive care unit due to their free choice of occupation has an increased risk of becoming infected themselves or, as an infected person, harming others. From my point of view, this self-imposed special responsibility would be a sufficient argument in favor of requiring an employer to be vaccinated, ”said the human geneticist and medical ethicist to“ Mannheimer Morgen ”(Tuesday edition).

Last week, the Ethics Council, together with the Standing Vaccination Commission, which is located at the Robert Koch Institute, and the National Science Academy Leopoldina presented a position paper on how the corona vaccine, which was initially scarce, should be distributed. After that there should be no general compulsory vaccination. The question of whether certain professional groups should be obliged to vaccinate was left open. Henn also thinks it is possible that in the future other countries or tour operators will require proof of vaccination before entering the country or booking.

With a view to vaccination critics, he said: “Any risk assessment clearly leads to the fact that you are always better off with the vaccination than with the disease.” In addition, there is a double responsibility in this case: not only towards yourself, but also towards others. "In this respect, there is no legal but a moral obligation to vaccinate." The scientist sees an end to the pandemic still a long way off, even with the first vaccines.

“The idea of ​​'needle in, mask off' will not work.” The return to pre-Corona times will last well into next year, “maybe even into the year after next”.