It starts again! Wambe receive the Borussia from Neunkirchen

News from the 1st team of Spvgg Quierschied
News from the 1st team of Spvgg Quierschied

On Wednesday evening the time has come, the newly named Schröder League Saar starts the 2020/2021 season. For the first game of the season, our team from new coach Thomas Bettinger welcomes VfB Borussia Neunkirchen at the Franzenhaus. The kick-off is at 19:00 p.m. This was that too Opening game of the previous season, at that time Quiiev won 3-1.

In March our sports association played their last competitive game, at home the FSV Jägersburg was a guest. At that time, no one suspected the serious consequences the corona pandemic would also have for amateur football.

The season ended on June 09.06th. Voted on a virtual association day, the majority decided to cancel. It was unclear when football could be played again. Now the time has come.

The preparation of our 1st team started in mid-June, coach Thomas Bettinger had to accept bad news. Because playmaker Sascha Schaum was an important player who was seriously injured with a cruciate ligament tear in the first training session. In the weeks that followed, there were repeated personal setbacks and failures, and some actors did not return as expected. This situation also made itself felt in one or the other test match. Positive games like against Hertha Wiesbach (3: 3) or Preußen Merchweiler (4: 1) were compared to worse appearances like against Blieshaben (2: 4) or wayside shrine (1: 3).

Coach Thomas Bettinger doesn't want to complain despite the tense personnel situation. Because that doesn't get anyone any further. Instead, he urged the existing squad to always be self-confident and to weigh in on their strengths. With a tight squad, it's only possible together - and our team wants to prove that right from the start.

Borussia Neunkirchen already had a competitive game to play. A good 3 weeks ago they played the cup semi-finals at SV Auersmacher and lost 2: 8. But at that time coach Björn Klos was missing numerous players. It looks different again now, many actors returned in the preparation. Borussia wants to play a good role in this round and is aiming for a place around 3,4. In the last test matches, Neunkirchen showed good form, for example on Sunday in the 2-0 away win at the upper division FSV Salmrohr.

Referee Matthias Edrich will lead the game.

In terms of organization, everything was done by our sports association so that 300 spectators can watch the game. For this purpose, all spectators are asked to adhere to the requirements of the hygiene concept. A box office with around 90 tickets still available opens on Wednesday from 17:30 p.m. Card holders please use the entrance on the artificial turf as well as above on the lawn (here also the guests from Neunkirchen).

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