Unsuccessful but momentous escape after bodily harm

| Image: Ingelheim police inspection
| Image: Ingelheim police inspection

Saarbrücken-Burbach (ots) - On Tuesday, September 22.09.2020nd, 19, around 40:30 p.m., there was a physical argument on the open street in Saarbrücken-Burbach. A 37-year-old man from Saarbrücken headbutted a XNUMX-year-old female friend, which caused her to be slightly injured. When the alerted police arrived at the scene of the crime, the perpetrator fled with an e-scooter, but was caught and arrested after a short pursuit. The perpetrator was apparently significantly under the influence of narcotics and was aggressive towards the police officers. Since driving small electric vehicles under the influence of narcotics is also prohibited, the man had to accompany the police officers to the office, where a blood sample was taken. Since the man's aggressive behavior did not change and it was feared that he would subsequently cause further trouble, he was taken into custody until the next morning by order of a judge. But that's not all. During the police action, he insulted and threatened the police officers, and as a result, it turned out that the e-scooter used to escape was not insured as required. So the man now has to answer for a variety of criminal offenses.

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