Erbes-Büdesheim: Mask refuser spat on bus driver

| Image: Kirchheimbolanden police inspection

Alzey (ots) - When a 31-year-old bus driver was on the road in Erbes-Büdesheim on Alzeyer Straße on Monday at around 15:20 p.m., a stranger first tried to get on the bus at a bus stop without a breathing mask. When the bus driver explained to the passenger that he would not carry him without a mask, the situation escalated. A person on the bus expressed solidarity with the stranger. People hit the bus driver's hands to force the doors to open. Furthermore, one of the people spat into the driver's face through the Plexiglas pane. After they were able to open one of the doors themselves, they then escaped on foot in an unknown direction. The police are now looking for the two young men for insulting, coercion and bodily harm.

Personal descriptions: 1st person: 16-17 years old, strong stature, wore a dark and tattered jacket, black baseball cap, black T-shirt, leather shoulder bag 2nd person: 14-15 years old, wore a thin greenish rain jacket, white T-shirt with black writing

Anyone who can provide information about the unknown is asked to contact the Alzey police at 06731 / 911-100.

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Originally written by: Police inspection Alzey

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