Man with mouth
Man with mouth

Development Minister warns of a possible next pandemic

Gerd Müller (CSU), Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, does not believe that after Corona there will be a return to the normality of globalization as we have understood it so far.

Scientists have already identified at least “40 other viruses of this dangerous nature”, Müller told the weekly magazine “Die Zeit”. And further: "So after Corona is before the next possible pandemic and therefore we have to react now," said the German Development Minister.

One cannot and should not only look at Germany and Europe, but must also involve developing and emerging countries more closely. "The pandemic is like a boomerang, we played it as children, it comes back." You think you can defeat the pandemic in Germany and in Europe and then continue, but you also have to fight the crisis there. “We have the technology, we have the knowledge ?? this can result in win-win situations. ” Therefore, a "Marshall Plan with Africa is needed," said the German Development Minister. At the G20 meeting in 2017, he had already proposed an EU-Africa partnership agreement in the areas of security policy, migration, economy and technology, the issue of currency and climate protection. “That should be bundled with an Africa commissioner. We just don't have the power to do it if twelve different Brussels commissioners and vice commissioners are responsible for it. ”

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