Refugees on the Balkan route, via dts
Refugees on the Balkan route, via dts

Development minister fears new waves of refugees

Development Minister Gerd Müller (CSU) has warned of new waves of refugees entering Europe should the EU Commission not finally make more funds available to combat the consequences of the pandemic in developing countries.

“Although Brussels has redeployed money for relief efforts, it has not yet made a single euro available to combat the dramatic emergency. That is shameful, ”said Müller to the“ Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland ”(Wednesday editions).

The message that the pandemic in developing and emerging countries triggered a severe economic and hunger crisis has unfortunately not yet reached many governments - not even in the EU, says Müller. “If we don't defeat the virus worldwide, it will come back like a boomerang. Then our success in combating corona will be wiped out, not to mention new waves of refugees, ”said the CSU politician. The EU Commission intends to adopt a budget of 1,1 trillion euros over the next seven years and use an additional 750 billion euros to mitigate the consequences of the pandemic in the EU countries.

“Funds for Africa, for example, are only to be increased by one billion euros a year. It is a gross mismatch, ”the minister complained. So the upcoming tasks such as pandemic preparedness, climate protection and economic reconstruction and new jobs for the rapidly growing African population will not be mastered, Müller told the RND. "That is why I am campaigning for a € 50 billion EU reconstruction and stabilization program for emergency aid and stabilization loans," said the CSU politician.

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