Energy industry: Reduction of the green electricity tax is not sufficient

Wind turbines, about dts
Wind turbines, about dts
The German energy industry has criticized the Federal Government's planned cut in the green electricity surcharge to six cents per kilowatt hour in 2021 as insufficient.

The move was “right, but not enough,” said Kerstin Andreae, managing director of the Federal Association of Energy and Water Management (BDEW), the newspapers of the Funke media group (Tuesday editions). "The EEG surcharge should have been reduced to five cents and frozen at this level."

State-induced taxes such as the green electricity tax now account for 53 percent of the electricity price, according to Andreae. "Within ten years, this value has increased by more than two thirds," said the former Green Party politician. In contrast, the other price components, such as procurement, sales and network charges, only increased by six percent in the same period.

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