Elversberg turns up late and wins 4: 2

Elversberg - RW Koblenz
Elversberg - RW Koblenz | Image: SV Elversberg
SV Elversberg won their home game against TuS RW Koblenz. In the end it was 4-2.

This moves Elversberg to 5th place in the table, but can still be pushed to 6th place. The guests from Koblenz shouldn't be a big obstacle on the way to victory - they thought.

Because in the 7th minute, Mustafa brought the Koblenz guests into the lead. It was not until the 34th minute that Koffi shot the home side to equalize before Suero Fernandez turned the game around in the 40th minute.

After the break, Elversberg continued to improve and determined the game - until the home side had to accept the equalizer in the 68th minute by Schell.

But it was again Koffi who shot Elversberg in the lead with a penalty kick in the 73rd minute. Ten minutes before the end of the game, Tomislav Ivicic saw a traffic light card and had to leave the field with a yellow-red color. The final score of 4: 2 was restored by Suero Fernandez, who put the lid on the game in the 93rd minute.

On Tuesday, SV Elversberg has to go to FSV Frankfurt, who kidnapped a point from Saarland (near Homburg) today.

On Saturday Elversberg will then receive Astoria Walldorf.

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