A messy situation Federal police in Saarland arrests Tunisians with an enforcement order

Saarbrücken (ots) - On Tuesday, August 18, 2020, the German-French patrol of the Federal Police Inspection in Bexbach checked a young Tunisian who was arriving on the regional train from France. The person claimed to have gone wrong. The North African was unable to produce any travel documents to establish his identity and also made himself four years younger. The identification service treatment then brought a different history to light. According to this, the Tunisian was already of legal age and an asylum application in Germany was finally rejected in 2019. After he went into hiding in Germany, the immigration authorities in Ellwangen searched for him with a whereabouts investigation. Furthermore, the Heidelberg public prosecutor's office searched for the illegal Tunisian with an enforcement arrest warrant because of the particularly serious case of theft. Since he could not afford the 1.300 euro fine, he was admitted to the Ottweiler correctional facility for the next 130 days.

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Originally written by: Federal Police Inspectorate Saarbrücken

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