Burglary in Schmelz with arrest of the perpetrator / success of the investigation by the Lebach police station

Tuned vehicle | Image: Kirchheimbolanden Police Department

Schmelz (ots) - An 18-year-old from Schmelz was arrested by the police on August 27.08.2020, 66839 after a nightly break-in into a telecommunications shop in XNUMX Schmelz. He still carried the stolen goods with him.

Further investigations into burglary have already been conducted against the accused at the criminal service of the Lebach police station.

On Thursday, August 28.08.2020th, 18, the accused was brought before the Saarbrücken ruling court. A pre-trial detention order was issued and the XNUMX-year-old was subsequently taken to the Ottweiler prison.

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Posted by: Police inspection Lebach

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