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Burglary in Merzig's pedestrian zone

66663 Merzig (ots) - In the early morning of Wednesday, March 18.03.2020th, 04, a break-in in a shop occurred in the Poststrasse in Merzig. Around 15:18.03.2020 a.m., watchful neighbors heard a window pane burst and saw several people. The witnesses informed the police. On site, the officers noticed a broken window and a ransacked sales counter at the store in question. In the course of the investigative measures by officials from PI Merzig and the surrounding offices, several people were found in Trier Street, to whom the person descriptions obtained applied. Two people were arrested. During the subsequent measures, part of the suspected stolen goods was found among the suspects. Persons who have noticed perceptions of the crime or a group of people in and around Poststrasse on March 04, 15 at 06861:7040 a.m. are asked to contact the Merzig police (Tel. XNUMX/XNUMX).

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