One kilo of amphetamine seized

| Image: Kirchheimbolanden police inspection

Kaiserslautern (ots) - The fact that he could not keep his hands off his cell phone was fatal for a driver on Wednesday afternoon. The man drew the attention of police officers because he was using his smartphone in Mannheimer Strasse while driving. The officers stopped the car and checked the driver.

When checking the personal details of the 30-year-old, the police became suspicious and then took a closer look at the car. In the back seat, they discovered a "suspicious" box. It turned out that inside was a plastic box with a paste-like substance weighing about a kilo. Because there was suspicion that it was amphetamine, the substance was seized. The first rapid tests confirmed this assumption.

The driver had to come to the police station and have a blood sample taken to find out whether he was under the influence of drugs. He himself was not allowed to drive the car any further; Vehicle keys and papers were given to the 30-year-old's girlfriend.

After consulting the judiciary, the man's cell phone was provisionally seized and his apartment was searched for further evidence. The 30-year-old is facing criminal proceedings for violating the Narcotics Act. Further investigations continue. | cri

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Originally written by: Police headquarters West Palatinate

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