Breaking news: Gasometer blown up in Neunkirchen

Gasometer on the case
Gasometer on the case
The gasometer in Neunkirchen was blown up. At 16:15 p.m., the explosive charges were detonated and the steel shell collapsed.

The old gasometer was blown up earlier than originally planned due to the unfavorable weather forecast. The explosion looks successful on the video, the city has yet to comment.

The explosion in the video


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About the gasometer

The gasometer in Neunkirchen was built in 1970. With a height of more than 70 meters, it was able to hold around 80.000 cubic meters of natural gas and was used by Saarstahl as a temporary store for the operation of equipment in the steelworks.

Saarstahl has invested over 100 million euros in the modernization of the plant in the past ten years. Now a new, more efficient storage facility is to be built.

Where the old gasometer stood will be in the near future Globe market built.

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