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E-scooters: rental devices hardly replace car journeys / models suitable for purchase for public transport commuters - ADAC: helmet recommended

Munich (ots) - One year after the approval of e-scooters in Germany, the ADAC mobility club sees no sustainable relief from the environment and traffic in German cities due to the new driving devices. According to the club's observations, most e-scooters are used as rental models. As a rule, they do not replace car journeys, but paths on foot, by bike or by public transport. The so-called small electric vehicles have been registered on the streets in Germany since June 15, 2019.

The ADAC sees opportunities for a contribution to sustainable mobility in cities primarily in models for purchase: commuters can use such models for the way to the nearest public transport stop, take them with them in the S-Bahn and underground and at the destination the so-called “last mile” ”Back to work or home. This means that even longer commuting routes can be covered without waiting by searching for a rental model. In addition, the area of ​​use of rental scooters is often limited to inner city areas.

According to an evaluation by the ADAC, e-scooters can in many cases be taken on public transport. Many transport associations follow the recommendation of the Association of German Transport Companies, which allows you to take folding models with you. However, the rules are not uniform in German state capitals for non-folding devices: In some cases, non-folding e-scooters are completely prohibited in public transport, sometimes only at certain times or in certain modes of transport.

Due to the inconsistent rules for taking e-scooters in public transport, consumers should inform themselves about the conditions of transport in the local transport network before buying.

There is no statutory helmet requirement for the use of e-scooters. Nevertheless, the ADAC advises to only use e-scooters with a helmet. Analyzes by ADAC accident research show that helmets can save lives in an emergency - if they are worn properly. The most common mistakes are a belt that is too loose or that the helmet is not properly closed at the back.

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