Duplex garages: space even for a large family car / ADAC analysis shows models for duplex parking spaces - small cars can be too tall

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Munich (ots) - Duplex garages are often standard in the underground garages of apartment buildings and residential complexes. Older systems in particular are limited in their dimensions - especially in height. The ADAC has evaluated which current car models are suitable for duplex garages. Result: For most applications, from family cars with a large trunk to sporty two-seater vehicles, there are vehicles that also fit into narrow duplex garages.

For family cars with a large trunk, for example, the Ford Focus Tournament and the Seat Leon ST remain within the space limits of a duplex garage, for models with a hatchback, for example, the Audi A3 and the Mercedes CLA, for vehicles with a notchback, the sedans of the Audi A3 and the Mercedes A class. It is no surprise that many sporty coupes like the BMW 2 Series Coupe and the Porsche Cayman and popular small cars like the Ford Fiesta or Opel Corsa fit into duplex garages.

Noticeable: microcars are quite compact in terms of their footprint, but they are often quite tall. The VW up! The height of the GTI variant only fits in a duplex parking space. Anyone who drives electrically can, for example, park the Seat Mii electric or the Skoda Citygo e IV in a duplex garage.

When researching its car database, the ADAC evaluated all current models which, including the exterior mirrors, are no wider than two meters, no longer than five meters and no higher than 1,5 meters. The weight limit is two tons.

The ADAC recommends users of a duplex garage to find out more about the possible external dimensions and maximum weight that a car to be parked may have. Consumers should not use the maximum available size without an emergency, as this can make parking in and out and getting in and out more difficult.

When driving into the duplex garage for the first time, an attendant should act as an observer to ensure that no collision occurs. The car should also be empty, as it may be lower than normal with a heavy load. If the drivers of the car are very different in weight, it is therefore advisable to put the lighter person behind the wheel when driving for the first time.

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