Drug commissioner wants to strengthen substitution

Drug addict, over dts
Drug addict, over dts
The drug commissioner of the federal government, Daniela Ludwig (CSU), has placed the subject of substitution at the center of her second year in office.

“Substitution is something that I want to push ahead massively,” said Ludwig on RTL / n-tv “Frühstart”. The allocation of medication to the patient must be handled more flexibly.

The aim is also to bring the naloxone nasal spray to the public by turning the Bavarian model project into a nationwide one. Naloxone can be used as a life-saving drug in the event of an overdose. Ludwig said that coping with drug use in the corona crisis would also be important in the second year in office. “We have now really succeeded in making addiction aids more digital. They are incredibly good on site and we naturally want to continue that. ”Employees should be trained to be able to advise on the phone and not just in discussion groups. She will direct a lot of attention to children in families with addiction problems, said Ludwig. She had succeeded in providing a telephone hotline for such children with greater financial resources.

When asked whether she would like to have another term as drug commissioner, Ludwig evaded. “I don't decide. I think I made it clear that I enjoy it, despite all the upsurges in the network, which I trigger every now and then - or not trigger myself. ”First of all, you have to see how the general election will go.