Theft of a wooden pile in Homburg

Homburg (ots) - In the period from October 01.10.2020st, 27.10.2020 to October 20th, 8, there was a theft in the SaarForst area on the forest path between the Ehrenfriedhof and Käshofer Straße in Homburg. A wooden pile with about 1200 solid cubic meters of beech firewood was stolen by unknown perpetrators. Since the logs were on average XNUMX meters long and no sawdust could be seen at the scene of the crime, it can be assumed that the stolen property was transported away by truck. The damage amounts to approx. XNUMX euros.

The Homburg police only now became aware of the theft. PI Homburg is therefore looking for witnesses who can provide relevant information (Tel .: 06841/1060).

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Posted by: Police inspection Homburg

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