The thing with the traffic accident ...

Kaiserslautern - West Palatinate (ots) - A whole wave of attempted trickery has swept through Kaiserslautern and the West Palatinate since Monday. Accordingly, fraudsters have been calling people in the region over several days and pretending to be police officers.

On Monday, the fraudsters tried the scam that a slip of paper with the data of the called party was found on arrested intruders (we reported on Tuesday However, the victims recognized the attempted fraud and simply hung up.

Another approach led to almost success in two cases on Wednesday. This time the perpetrators called the elderly and told a fabricated story of a fatal traffic accident caused by a relative. The callers pretended to be police officers, prosecutors or family members. They each demanded large sums of money that would have to be paid to the relatives of the alleged victims. If there is no payment, the relatives would be arrested.

Most of the people called recognized the attempted fraud and reacted correctly by simply hanging up.

However, two of the senior citizens from Kaiserslautern and the Kusel district who were contacted almost gave up their savings ... It was only due to happy circumstances and attentive witnesses that there was no financial loss.

A bank employee notified the police on Wednesday morning. He announced that an elderly lady wanted to withdraw 40.000 euros for craft costs. He suspected a fraud attempt. When officers from the criminal investigation department appeared at the bank, the woman was initially suspicious and did not believe that the "real" police were standing in front of her. The elderly woman reported that a commissioner had called her. Your daughter killed a woman in a traffic accident. The person called should pay a total of 120.000 euros so that her daughter is not locked up. Only a call to the daughter convinced the elderly lady. The daughter was fine and there was no traffic accident.

The attempted fraud also went well with an 84-year-old from the Kusel district. A woman called him pretending to be a prosecutor. She also described a fatal traffic accident and demanded 20.000 euros for the victim's family. The amount should be handed over to a person collecting it in Kaiserslautern. The senior managed to get the money and went to Kaiserslautern with his wife. However, the money was not handed over. When the couple arrived at the agreed location, residents informed about the scam and referred them to the police. A search for the person collecting the vehicle, initiated by the alarmed emergency services, was unsuccessful. In this case, too, a call to the daughter brought clarity. She could be reached at her place of work and was not involved in a traffic accident.

The police repeatedly warn of such and similar calls (most recently,,, https: //,,,, https: //,,,, https: //

Not just fake police officers - or prosecutors - as in the cases above are calling. Alleged grandchildren, fake Microsoft employees, alleged employees of the municipal utilities or a bank also mostly contact older citizens and tell them lies. The goal is always to get to the belongings of the elderly.

If you have received such a call, please contact the criminal police in Kaiserslautern on 0631 369-2620.

You can find out which different scams the perpetrators use on the phone here: Betrug/

Talk to your parents and friends about these tricks as well. Remain suspicious and call the "right" police in case of doubt! | mhm

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Originally written by: Police headquarters West Palatinate

The text is a press release from the West Palatinate Police Headquarters. The text has not been edited or changed by our editorial team. POL-PPWP: The thing with the traffic accident ...