The left in the regional association informs
The left in the regional association informs
According to "Die Linke" in the Saarbrücken regional association, many people go empty-handed.

The left: Federal government's economic stimulus package with light and shadow

According to the LINKE in the Saarbrücken Regional Association, the federal stimulus package has a lot of light and shadow. A haircut is missing.

The federal government's stimulus package has light and shadow, said the chairman of the DIE LINKE parliamentary group. in the regional association, Jürgen Trenz. The stronger takeover of accommodation costs by the federal government is positive. "But there is no regulated haircut for the municipalities and real help for poor people in the Corona crisis".

The greater assumption by the federal government of accommodation costs for ALG II relatives would save the regional association many millions of euros in costs. This is positive and opens up scope to become more active in the social sector, for example. This would also be necessary because the need for advice and the need for employment measures would increase significantly due to the rapidly growing unemployment in the Corona crisis. The child surcharge of 300 euros, which is unfortunately only paid once, should also be rated positively, which should remain unpaid.

It was disappointing that no agreement could be reached for the municipalities on the issue of federal government debt assumption. Even before Corona, the ability of the municipalities in Saarland and the regional association to invest was extremely poor. Now in the crisis there are so many additional costs and especially tax defaults that a haircut for the municipalities is vital for survival. The debt relief is necessary to eliminate the often dilapidated infrastructure in the municipalities and thus also to create or maintain jobs.

A tragedy is also the necessary additional support for poor people in the crisis. Except for a few rudimentary changes for new recipients of benefits, no further support had been given for the majority. The massive price increases for food and the additional costs for masks and hygiene measures alone would have made a significant increase in social benefits more than necessary. "To forget" the poorest in the crisis is inappropriate and anti-social, DIE LINKE concludes.


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