The game: Kaiserslauterner SK - SV Friedrichsthal
The game: Kaiserslauterner SK - SV Friedrichsthal

The Friedrichsthal water polo players are runner-up!

The water polo players from SV Friedrichsthal won the runner-up title in the Oberliga Rheinland-Pfalz / Saar with their 5: 3 victory in Kaiserslautern!

The water polo players from SV Friedrichsthal won the runner-up title in the Oberliga Rheinland-Pfalz / Saar with their 5: 3 victory in Kaiserslautern!

Friedrichsthal is runner-up

The SV Friedrichsthal water polo players won the defensive battle in Kaiserslautern 5: 3 and thus secured second place in the Upper League Rhineland-Palatinate / Saar.

The Friedrichsthalers started well for the last game of the season in Kaiserslautern and had the chance to win second place with their own win, as they were tied for an outstanding game by SSV Trier and had a much better goal difference.

The course of the game

When the sun was low, however, the ball landed in the Friedrichsthal housing for the first time after 40 seconds. The guests from Saarland nevertheless acted calmly in the subsequent attacks and equalized through Tobias Bauer. Already in this phase it became clear how the game would develop. Two strong lines of defense dominated the action and allowed few actions outside the gates. Friedrichsthal managed to get a little more out of the game, but was unable to turn it into goals. In the sixth minute of play, Kaiserslautern took the lead again for the last time, which however did not last ten seconds later due to Maximilian Simonett's goal.

Exciting, but without goals, the game continued in the second quarter: Friedrichsthal defended strongly, especially in quite a few outnumbers, but failed to take the lead. However, this should change in the third phase of the game. After a number of blows due to the end of the attack time, Friedrichsthal took the lead by Pascal Hinz, who gave Nick Bärtschi the two goals lead with his last competitive goal for the SVF. Before the last stage of the game, Kaiserslautern made the connection (3: 4).

With this booth, it went into the crucial last quarter, which was again stingy with gates. Both teams missed an overpowering game and were strong in defense. After the last minute of the game was announced, Kaiserslautern in possession of the ball took a break to equalize with a calm attack. But Friedrichsthal caught the ball and managed to make the final decision twelve seconds before the end through Tobias Bauer's 40th goal of the season.

Friedrichsthal managed to secure the win despite an offensive often not convincing performance against a strong KSK defense. The basis for this was the common and good defense performance, which was probably the strongest of the league over the entire season. Considering the narrowly lost games against Trier (11:12) and Kaiserslautern (6: 7) in Friedrichsthal as well as the 7: 7 in Trier, it would have been even more possible for the SVF players, who are only three points behind Meister Neustadt II.

Positive development & upcoming tasks

The final table SVF
The final table

Nevertheless, it is the best league ranking of SV Friedrichsthal overall and after the sensational fourth place last year it was a great success on which one would like to build in the future. The second team, which will start in the Interregional Luxembourg Championship as three years ago, will also be able to do this in the coming season. Before the SVF can continue in the two leagues in autumn, there are tournaments in Luxembourg, Ludwigshafen, Gemmingen and Friedrichsthal.

The following played: Fabian Abel (T), Lucas Blechschmidt, Yannis Künstle, Pascal Hinz (1 goal / 1 exclusion error), Nick Bärtschi (1/1), Markus Lambert, Andrzej Szczurkiewicz (0/2), Oliver Krause, Nico Basters, Lukas Mathieu ( 0/1), Holger Huber, Maximilian Simonett (1/1) and Tobias Bauer (2/0).

We from the Regio-Journal congratulate on this great development and are already looking forward to accompanying you in the upcoming tasks!

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