Flag of Syria, over dts
Flag of Syria, over dts

Germany pledges further aid to Syria

Germany promised new financial aid to Syria on Tuesday.

Overall, it is a further 1,584 billion euros, "to reduce the need in Syria and neighboring countries," said Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) on Tuesday. The commitment came in the context of a virtual donor conference.

"Today we can make it clear that the world is not looking away," said Maas. First of all, one must ensure that UN resolution 2504 is extended. "The lives of millions of people depend on the relief supplies that reach Syria via Turkey and Iraq." Secondly, the neighboring countries have to be supported. "They offer refuge to the vast majority of Syrian refugees." And finally, those who were at war in Syria would have to stop fighting, the SPD politician said. "The political process led by the United Nations remains our only chance of securing lasting stability." Real reconciliation also means ending impunity for war crimes.

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