Germany offers EU countries help for corona patients

Ambulance in Romania, via dts
Ambulance in Romania, via dts
In view of the increasing number of infections across Europe, Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) has confirmed Germany's willingness to help.

"If there are bottlenecks in the care of corona patients at our neighbors, we of course offer help quickly, as our capacities allow," Maas told the "editorial network Germany". “In Europe, we can now coordinate this much better with the new early warning system than in spring. I rely on this solidarity when it is a difficult autumn, ”emphasized the SPD politician.

Maas warned of renewed unilateral border closings. “We don't want to repeat the mistakes we made in spring, this also applies to borders. Back then, traffic jams for miles on the German-Polish border resulted, ”he said.

“Historically believed debates on the German-French border broke out again. That must not be repeated, ”warned the minister. Maas also hopes that international diplomacy will not be shut down again due to travel restrictions. “The conflicts we are dealing with now are difficult to resolve by video conference. When it comes to wars and crises, you have to meet in person and look each other in the eye, ”he emphasized.

This is currently possible with the hygiene concepts that have been developed. "Just as everyone wants to avoid a second, complete lockdown in the economy and society, I say: there must be no diplomatic lockdown," emphasized the social democrat.