Germans are buying more toilet paper again

The citizens of Germany are buying significantly more toilet paper again.

This was announced by the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) on Thursday after a special evaluation of experimental data. The sales figures for toilet paper in the 42nd calendar week were therefore almost twice as high (+89,9 percent) as the average of the pre-crisis months August 2019 to January 2020. The demand for other hygiene products and groceries also increased significantly in some cases.

Sales of disinfectants were almost three quarters (+72,5 percent) and those of soap almost two thirds (+62,3 percent) above the pre-crisis average. The demand for disinfectants and soap remained slightly above average even during the summer when food sales had largely normalized. In the 42nd calendar week, the demand for certain foods increased. The sales of flour rose by more than a quarter (+28,4 percent) and the sales of yeast by more than a third (+34,8 percent) compared to the pre-crisis average, according to the statisticians. The sales figures for pasta such as noodles, however, were slightly below average (-0,2 percent). Politics and business associations meanwhile see the supply situation with everyday goods as secured and appeal to the population to refrain from “buying hamsters”.