Despite Corona: stay active!

Despite Corona: stay active!
An older woman on the notebook
The exceptional situation caused by the corona pandemic forced active people into their own walls. Social contacts suffered. Our call: stay active!

We are currently in a state of emergency because of the corona pandemic.

The restrictions are hard on everyone. Nevertheless, you can still get something good at this time. Because of the exit restrictions, we are forced to use other means of communication. How else can we keep in touch with our loved ones?

With a tablet and a messenger, for example, we can get everyone straight into the living room. Group calls are also possible, in which you can talk to the son / daughter and the grandchildren who are already living outside and even see each other by camera. Many are now using this type of communication for the first time - and will have found that it is a fine thing.

You can't hug and hug anyone, but at least you can see and talk to him / her. In this way, even those who would never have dreamed of it came to the computer.
Now there is also enough time to do handicrafts.

If you have a sewing machine available, you can sew mouth and nose masks yourself according to instructions on YouTube.
You can also make a larger embroidery, a new pair of stockings or the like. Crossword puzzles are also booming. Anything that takes your time and dark thoughts away is a mundane means of making you forget isolation.

With this in mind: Get active when it's only at home!