Democracy educator warns of Islamism in schools

The democracy educator Kurt Edler sees a new danger in the Islamist attack on a French teacher.

"Teachers put themselves in the service of the education of young people and are completely defenseless because they are not trained to defend themselves," he told the "Welt" (Wednesday edition). In “this form” he has never seen it in Germany.

However, Edler states about the situation in this country: "For a long time, however, there has been a refusal of young people to deal with certain teaching material that, in their view, contravenes their religious commandments." The former teacher and teacher trainer also observes that many conservative Muslim families Requested exceptions for participation in physical education and sex education classes. “No special conditions can be granted for certain groups. This would jeopardize the context of the democratic society, ”he said. In school, a child must learn to disregard the peculiarities of his or her origin in order to become a citizen. Regarding the demand for the possibility of regular prayer, Edler said: “The school is a public place and not an unlimited space for religious practice. In view of the ideological diversity of our society, the school must remain neutral. ”The former Green politician also advocates consistent action against religious group pressure in schools. "Religious bullying is a clear violation of human rights, which the school absolutely has to go to the parade." Younger pupils in particular could be traumatized if they are pressured by classmates to dress religiously. "In fact, we are dealing here with manifestations of a cultural struggle for young people." Edler, who was involved in founding the Hamburg Greens in 1981, also criticized his party. "The confrontation with Islamism is characterized by a false reluctance among some of my party friends," he said. "Some Greens have sacrificed women's rights to a relativistic culturalism."