Markus Blume, about dts
Markus Blume, about dts

CSU general secretary is skeptical of government aid to Wirecard

CSU General Secretary Markus Blume is skeptical about possible state aid for the insolvent payment service provider Wirecard.

"At Wirecard, we first have to clarify how a suspected fraud of this magnitude could even be possible," Blume told the "Handelsblatt" (Wednesday edition). "In such circumstances, you can't just call for the state, but you have to use the image of an honorable businessman."

Wirecard itself is "certainly not systemically important", but the technology of payment platforms is very good, according to the CSU politician. Wirecard needed a precise analysis of the existing assets and the real existing sales. "Only then can it be said whether and how Wirecard can be brought out of bankruptcy." In principle, the CSU general secretary defended that the state participates in companies that it considers worth protecting. "Especially in times of crisis, there should be no sell-out of our high-tech pearls when other countries are on a shopping tour," said Blume. At the same time, he called for a reform of European state aid and competition law. "We need an aid framework that allows government funding," he said. "And we need a new competition law at European level so that national champions can become European and world champions." The CSU general secretary emphasized his party's commitment to industry and auto companies. Bavaria's Prime Minister and CSU chief Markus Söder had campaigned to think about jobs in the leading industries. "The CSU is the new workers' party," said Blume. "The unions know that they can no longer rely on the SPD."

You would only get jobs if you made sure that the industrial substance could continue to exist.

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