Covid-19 in Saarland: the situation is stable, please less alarmism

The editor of the Regio-Journal on topics that move him.
The editor of the Regio-Journal on topics that move him.
Covid-19, commonly known as the coronavirus, is not spreading excessively in Saarland. This is a good sign. Nevertheless, the Saarland Prime Minister continues to warn vehemently. An opinion.

The infection situation in Saarland can be described as stable. A low double-digit number of people is infected in Saarland every day, fluctuating between 10 and 20 people.

It was to be expected that there would always be outliers of infection upwards. Realistically speaking, these arise from family celebrations, outbreaks in schools, refugee homes, but also from travelers returning.

The important number of people who have died can also be described as “stable”. At this point it should be mentioned: Every “Covid death” is one too many. But a realistic assessment also includes saying that a total of 01.06.2020 people who tested positive for the Covid-165 virus will have died by June 19, 01.09.2020. This number was 175 on September XNUMXst, XNUMX, three months later.

The mortality rate could be reduced to a minimum through the joint efforts of all those involved, here the nursing staff, the health authorities and ministries, but also the technical upgrade of the hospitals, to be named as a reason.

This puts us in a comfortable situation that we shouldn't ruin by carelessness.

Part of the said whole truth, however, is not to issue political warnings and subliminal threats on a daily basis.

The threat by the Saarland Prime Minister that he could imagine "sharpening up" easing measures can be described as exaggerated. So Hans said literally: "Increasing numbers of infections cannot mean further easing! The priority is to maintain what we currently have. Our aim is to avoid another lockdown - this also includes gastronomy. It cannot be that contact forms have gaps and rules are not adhered to! I can imagine that we will have to sharpen the existing rules again. But first of all, the rules that we have must be adhered to. For this reason, regulatory agencies and the police will increasingly carry out random checks in the future."

Previously, the daily infection numbers had been since August 10.08th. never more than 20 new infections a day. In the days following the threat, the numbers sometimes fell to less than 10.

It should not be concealed that at this time numerous travelers returned to the country and these were successively tested. You could also call it a “mass screening of vacationers”. It was foreseeable that more positive results would be possible in such test procedures.

On 20.08/25.08 the step-by-step plan for events was suspended. On XNUMX/XNUMX the MP spoke up again: "I am watching the increasing #Corona infections in our country with concern. With all my understanding for private celebrations or vacation trips, I can only warn against too frivolous behavior. Especially against the background of the current #Corona development in D. I consider the MP's switching discussion with the Chancellor on Thursday to be very important. We have to take a critical look at how effective our measures have been so far and discuss how to proceed. Also on the question of whether we need to take back easing or tighten it. It would be desirable if the federal and state governments could agree on a joint approach. Citizens rightly expect that from us politicians. "

Here the Prime Minister was referring to the Covid-19 numbers in Germany. In Saarland, this Twitter tweet was preceded by 9, 6, 5, 1, 21 and 12 new infections per day.

Another tweet from the MP followed on August 27: "At today's federal-state talks, everyone agreed: We must do everything we can to avoid another lockdown. Anyone who does not follow the rules must therefore expect fines of 50 euros. As far as avoidable, trips to risk areas should be avoided."

Vacationers from risk areas were stigmatized - regardless of the fact that the majority of the new infections actually came from “family vacations” in Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Bulgaria.

The last tweet was from yesterday and read: "The desire for normality and the usual life is understandable, but unfortunately Sars-CoV-2 does not go away if we ignore it. Corona is not over and it depends on each and every individual so that the situation does not get out of control. As long as there is no remedy, the so-called AHA rules will remain our sharpest sword in the fight against the pandemic. "

Here, too, it should be noted that on 01.09. 5 new cases were registered on 31.08/30.08. two, on 29.08/23 one, on 28.08/XNUMX XNUMX and on August XNUMXth twelve new infections became known.

Dear readers, don't get us wrong: stick to the existing rules because, and the Prime Minister is right, thanks to the “AHA” rules (distance - hygiene - everyday masks) our numbers are good.

However, "out of control" is far away.

The average new infections per day since the end of July has been around 12 new infections per day. The values ​​remain almost constant.

This is a positive sign, especially with regard to the supposedly “bad return travelers”.

Across the Saarland, around 100 people are currently listed as “infected”.

By the way: The President of the Lower Saxony Association of Cities and Towns (NSGB), Marco Trips, advises you to be more relaxed when dealing with Corona. "I don't like all that alarmism", Said Trips the" Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung ". Many are somehow in a "Doomsday mood“And scolded and pointed at the others. "In my opinion, this crisis can best be overcome with a little more cooperation instead of against each other and a somewhat more relaxed attitude. ”Marco Trips continues.

Health Minister Jens Spahn also made it clear that - with today's knowledge - numerous restrictions in the lockdown in March were not necessary and will no longer come.

For this reason, we also plead for fewer reminders, warnings and lifting of fingers from politics and for more calm in the matter. This, too, is part of the path back to normal.