Covid-19 treatment in the hospital costs over 10.000 euros

Cross in a hospital, about dts
Cross in a hospital, about dts
Inpatient treatment for Covid 19 disease costs an average of 10.700 euros.

This was the result of an evaluation by the AOK of the data of its 26,5 million insured persons at the request of “Welt am Sonntag”. And further: "Our data also show that Covid-19 sufferers who have to be ventilated in the hospital cause average case costs of 38.500 euros due to the sometimes severe course of the disease," said Martin Litsch, federal board member of the AOK. The deviations could be considerable in individual cases.

The patients requiring ventilation caused the highest costs at over 85.000 euros per case. The Barmer Ersatzkasse gives similar figures. For their insured, who had to go to hospital because of Covid-19, the average cost was around 6.900 euros if they did not need ventilation. With ventilation they were 31.700 euros.

Around nine million people are insured with Barmer. According to a study by the TU Berlin and the Leibniz Institute for Economic Research, 14 percent of all inpatient cases are ventilated. SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach fears that the long-term exposure due to severe consequential damage is likely to be significantly higher. "There will be a wave of chronic diseases," warns Lauterbach.

"Only in two to three years will we see how enormous the long-term costs are for our health system." He fears above all chronic lung and kidney diseases as well as dementia as a result of corona diseases. "If the number of infections continues to rise, these could become mass phenomena."