Costa Crociere criticizes the behavior of the federal government

AIDAsol, about dts
AIDAsol, about dts
The CEO of the Italian cruise company Costa Crociere ("Aida", "Costa"), Michael Thamm, criticizes the behavior of German politicians and the lack of willingness to look for solutions together.

“It cannot be that the Chancellor proclaims that we do not want a total lockdown, but it is precisely this lockdown that is decreed on the cruise. I don't think that's right and after ten days I haven't received an answer from the ministers either, ”said the cruise entrepreneur of the RTL / n-tv editorial team after his fire letter to the federal government.

They won't let up there either. "Already because of these many jobs and the possibility that we can create, together with the Canarian authorities of the island government, to really create a safe holiday bridge to the Canaries." Then ten million Germans could not be here in winter this year Going on vacation, says Thamm. "Then I don't even dare to imagine what the consequences will be."

One is a company with 25.000 employees. “And a ship that is not sailing has no crew either. Except for a few deck and engine employees. ”In Italy, Prime Minister Guiseppe Conte would have“ and I think five ministers we had to deal with personally got involved ”.

When the first ship left, the Prime Minister was there. “In Germany I miss the closeness of politics to companies and I wonder how one can justify leaving companies with so many employees out in the rain and not even answering letters that really suggest how these jobs can be saved. I think that's really bad style. "