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Munich (ots) - Correction: In the first version of this press release (October 16.10.2020, 10 - 25:3 am), palladium was incorrectly mentioned in the second paragraph as a necessary raw material for the construction of catalysts. This is wrong, it is platinum. The price for a repair was also set too low (XNUMXrd paragraph). Corresponding corrections have been made.

In Germany, more and more catalytic converters are stolen from vehicles. As the ADAC reports, around 240 catalytic converters were removed and stolen in the first nine months of this year alone. This is shown by current evaluations by the ADAC road guard. This means that the number of thefts has risen continuously in recent years. In 2017 there were 38 cases, last year it was 169. The ADAC assumes, however, that the number of actually stolen catalytic converters is significantly higher. According to ADAC, older Opel Astra and VW Polo are particularly affected. They lead the theft ranking of the stolen cats.

The ADAC attributes the growing number of stolen catalytic converters to the high price of the platinum raw material used in them. Due to ever stricter emissions regulations, vehicle manufacturers sometimes need more and more platinum in order to be able to produce more environmentally friendly vehicles with even better catalytic converters. The stolen catalysts can be recycled. The platinum obtained in this way can then be offered again to the manufacturers of the catalysts.

Catalytic converters have been an integral part of all cars since the early 90s. They ensure that the air pollutant carbon monoxide (CO) is converted into carbon dioxide (CO2). The more platinum is used, the better the effect. According to ADAC, cars whose catalytic converters have been stolen are not only significantly louder, but the running smoothness can also be affected and the power output can also change. If you drive without a Kat, you are even making tax evasion a criminal offense. In principle, the damage should be repaired as soon as possible. A replacement including installation costs between 500 and 1000 euros.

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