Corona new infections continue to decline

Men with mask in a U
Men with mask in a U
The number of new corona infections fell for the third day in a row.

This results in direct queries from the 401 independent cities and districts, which have been evaluated by the dts news agency every day at 20 p.m. Accordingly, 16.025 new infections were registered on Monday, 2,3 percent less than last Monday.

On Sunday the number of new infections fell by 13,6 percent compared to the previous week, and on Saturday by 1,2 percent. The figures from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) often deviate from the municipal inquiries, but the trend is always the same. On Monday morning, the RKI reported a value 19 percent lower than the previous week for the previous day, and on Saturday morning a four percent lower number for Friday. With a decrease from 155,1 to 154,6 new infections per week and 100.000 inhabitants, the figures from the municipal survey are still a long way from the incidence figure of 50, which was given by the federal and state governments as a target for easing the lockdown.

In the meantime, additions to Covid-19 patients continued to be recorded in the intensive care units, but the number only increased by 1,6 percent to 3.441 compared to the previous day, a rather lower rate of increase compared to the last few weeks. The statistical doubling time is 44 days; in retrospect, the number of corona intensive care patients doubled within 18 days.