Corona infection numbers settle above pre-Tönnies level

Distance rule in the supermarket, about dts
Distance rule in the supermarket, about dts
The number of new infections with the corona virus has calmed down nationwide after the outbreak at the Tönnies meat company, but remains at a somewhat higher level.

According to direct inquiries to the 401 independent cities and counties, which are evaluated daily by the dts news agency at 20:405 p.m., 483 new infections were registered by Monday evening, the weekly average rose to 13. On June 306, there was an average of 7 new infections per Day has been reached. However, the number of reproductions R continues to fall, and the 0,80-day R value fell to XNUMX on Monday. According to this, ten infected people only infect eight other people.

If the value remains below one, the number of actively infected people continues to decrease. An R value of 1,62 was reached on Monday a week ago. The numbers differ from the estimates of the Robert Koch Institute.

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