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Corona crisis reveals educational vacuum

Since the beginning of the Corona crisis, parents and especially their children have been relentlessly abandoned by politics. The crisis shows how bad our education system really is. A comment.

Children have no lobby. This platitude has rarely hit the bull's eye in recent years as it did during the Corona crisis.

The fact that "normal life" has picked up speed again in large parts has become apparent at least since the continuation of the Bundesliga. But at that point, those who were allowed to pay all of the federal government's Corona subsidy and grant organs throughout their lives were not allowed to attend school.

Footballers are allowed to hug after goals, sweaty, in a confined space, but little Timmy may not move Marie closer than 1,50 meters to the playground on the playground.

From Monday, day care centers can now again switch to restricted regular operation, but of course not uniform across the board. Here too, every federal state does what it wants thanks to federalism. Minister of Family Giffey now speaks of the fact that regular school operations can resume after the summer holidays. Then the Bundesliga is long over. Where's the outcry from people when it comes to education?

The rescue of TUI, Bahn, Lufthansa, but also ThyssenKrupp, who are now openly considering a sale to China (mind you, after they have received several billion state aid), but also Italy, Greece, Spain and France: everyone is being thought of, only not to our children.

The federal government talks about digitization, educational campaigns and much more. But a look at the local primary school reveals how poor the equipment will still be in 2020.

In desperation, parents were made teachers without even seriously considering whether this job could be reconciled with the home office, the existing fear of existence and the existing level of education.

The example of Saarland shows that the state government is completely overwhelmed. The "OSS", the online school in Saar, is developing, according to the state parents' representative of the grammar schools in Saarland, "into a pipe cracker". Crashed, hacked, slow and the statement by some teachers that they only work with the system if there were instructions, instead of a portal for all schools, a common guideline or even a concept, several schools are working on their own solutions, among other things with the software company SAP.

But back at the federal level: where was the Minister of Education Anja Karliczek (CDU) during the crisis? Now, at the latest, it is becoming apparent that the federal government has a competence vacuum in the Ministry of Education.

But Family Secretary Giffey wasn't really convincing either. It only became active after the pandemic had paralyzed Germany for weeks. How could she accept that schools and daycare centers were closed from "today to tomorrow" without a plan as to how family care should look like?

Even if the family minister has become more active in the past two weeks, one thing should not be forgotten: Giffey followed suit only after four doctor organizations practically "lobbied" to open schools and daycare centers. Better late than never like to say.

In the end, there is an educational oath of revelation: Without having detailed studies on whether children are so infectious at all, families were plunged into chaos and children were deprived of their right to education.

At the same time, the soccer players were allowed to go back to their sport. The proportionality was missing and it is still missing.

And at the latest when, as has actually happened, beer gardens in Bavaria are allowed to open in front of schools and daycare centers, things are going wrong in our country.

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