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CO2-free fuels also belong in cars / alternative fuels can play a decisive role in climate protection

Munich (ots) - ADAC demands that the implementation of climate protection goals in road traffic be open to technology. CO2-neutral road traffic can only be achieved with a combination of the options, says ADAC Technology President Karsten Schulze at an ADAC expert discussion on mobility. Schulze underlines the importance of alternative fuels for climate protection: “Millions of combustion engines are on German roads and have a long lifespan ahead of them. If the climate protection goals are to be achieved in traffic, a solution for this stock is needed. ”

The ADAC has high long-term expectations, especially for efuels and hydrogen from renewable sources. The good storage capacity and synergy effects in the context of the sector coupling of electricity, heating market and traffic speak for both. "In this respect, it is good that the German government is opening up the use of hydrogen to cars with the new hydrogen strategy," said Technology President Schulze. However, this is still very timid.

ADAC sees further instruments for promoting climate-neutral transport in a reform of the vehicle tax, which is consistently linked to CO2 emissions. The present federal government bill represents a basically acceptable compromise between incentives for more climate protection and affordable mobility. In particular, the ADAC welcomes the fact that the federal government has included a tax bonus in its proposal for both electric and non-electric vehicles with low CO2 emissions Has. But it is also clear that it will be more expensive for some owners. The ADAC is very critical of demands for a further tightening of the draft law. It should be noted that from 2021 onwards, drivers will also face additional burdens from CO2 pricing. In addition, the car tax has already become more expensive for most cars since September 2 due to the change in the test procedure for determining CO2018 emissions from NEDC to WLTP.

The ADAC technology president also believes that public transport is more attractive and that the cycling infrastructure is improved. "This is the only way that more people can switch from cars to alternative modes of transport."

However, it should not be overlooked that it is not possible to do without the car everywhere, for example in rural areas. Schulze: “Solutions have to be found for and not against people, because in the long term the car will have a say in mobility.”

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