Completed school gate, via dts
Completed school gate, via dts

CDU economic council demands crisis plan against school closures

The President of the CDU Economic Council, Astrid Hamker, has asked teachers and authorities to prevent school closures in the event of new Corona outbreaks in the future and to develop a crisis plan for this - if necessary during the summer holidays.

“This year must not become an educational political film tear with long-term, also social consequences for our children. Children can also unlearn learning if they are not adequately accompanied and supported, ”said Hamker of the“ Rheinische Post ”.

The most important thing is a swift return to the largely normal everyday life in schools and kindergartens, supplemented by hygiene concepts. "Not every unfortunate, larger individual outbreak should be used as an opportunity to sow doubts about a general return to regulated conditions," said Hamker. She warned: “We urgently need a plan B for schools and daycare centers after the summer holidays to prevent widespread closures if these facilities are faced with outbreaks. Authorities and teachers must also be available for the preparations during the holidays if necessary. ” Comprehensive closings after selective, regional corona outbreaks would no longer be accepted.

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