CDU interior expert: 2015 must not be repeated

Refugees in one
Refugees in a "tent city", about dts
The CDU member of the Bundestag and interior expert Armin Schuster has warned against a repetition of 400 against the background of the coalition agreement to bring around 1.500 families with around 2015 people from the Greek island of Lesbos to Germany.

"The priority for the Union is that a situation like 2015 must not repeat itself and that we do not offend our European partners," he told the "editorial network Germany" (Wednesday editions). "That could otherwise have fatal consequences for a common European asylum system."

The solution could not be the political competition for the highest number of admissions, but to relieve Greece in a humanitarian emergency through a sensible admission mechanism. For this reason, the 408 families with their children from all five Greek islands who had already gone through an orderly asylum procedure and whose right to protection had been recognized as refugees should be taken in. "With this step, the CDU / CSU are consistently continuing their path of a balance between humanity and order," said the CDU politician. The parliamentary manager of the left-wing parliamentary group, Jan Korte, told the RND: “1.500 are of course better than nothing. But that is still unacceptable for one of the richest countries in the European Union. "

The point here is clearly to help as much as possible, to forge a coalition of the willing and to actively begin. “When you see the misery of the children, then as much as possible has to be done,” says Korte.