Klaus Gottfreund
Klaus Gottfreund (CDU) | Image: CDU Friedrichsthal

CDU Friedrichsthal nominates Klaus Gottfreund as candidate for mayor

As part of an extended meeting of the city association board (29.7.20.), Klaus Gottfreund was unanimously nominated for mayor of the CDU in Friedrichsthal.

On August 13.8th Klaus Gottfreund stands for election in the general assembly.

The chairwoman of the CDU city association Anja Wagner-Scheid explains: "Klaus Gottfreund is a very good candidate. He has a solid, basic craft education, two degrees and leadership experience. He is currently the technical director of KDI Sulzbach. He knows the perspectives as a worker, employee and manager. He is also active in many clubs, associations and unions."

Klaus Gottfreund said after the session: “I would like to thank the members of the Board of Directors very warmly for the unanimous nomination. Immediately after I was elected as a candidate in mid-August, I would like to promote my ideas and ideas to the public. I would like to know where the shoe presses and develop my program from it. In times of Corona, we will choose other formats than usual. I want to maintain and strengthen the lively club life. We definitely need a club house again. We also need solutions for Friedrichsthal station and more settlements and commercial offers in our city. Security is also very important to me. In addition, there is further great potential in Friedrichsthal in a wide variety of areas, such as public services, local economic development, family policy, and much more"

About Klaus Gottfreund:

Klaus Gottfreund is a Friedrichsthaler through and through, who is very diverse in the social life in our city. He grew up in Friedrichsthal as the son of Inge and Alfred Gottfreund, together with his two siblings Ursula and Jörg, attended the elementary school Friedrichsthal and then the junior high school in Sulzbach. He devoted himself to football very early on and was active as a player, coach, coach and official at SC Friedrichsthal and SV Hellas 05 Bildstock. He also played for a short time at the DJK Bildstock. He is currently Chairman of the AH at SC Friedrichsthal Football. He was also an active fireman for 10 years.

He has been a Verdi member for over 30 years, was on the staff council of the city of Friedrichsthal and is currently a works council at KDI GmbH. Klaus Gottfreund trained as a network fitter at the Friedrichsthal waterworks and also worked as a foreman until 2007. Then he moved to the Kommunalen Dienstleistungs-GmbH (KDI) in Sulzbach, where he is now the technical manager. In order to train safely, he completed his master's degree in gas and water supply and part-time training as a technical business economist at the HWK. He also completed part-time university studies for a business graduate and the Master of Engineering.

Klaus Gottfreund
Klaus Gottfreund (CDU) | Image: CDU Friedrichsthal

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