CDU MP: Expand volunteer military service for civil protection

The CDU interior politician Marian Wendt recommends expanding the planned voluntary military service in homeland security.

“We should see Defense Minister Kramp-Karrenbauer's proposal bigger. We should say that you can not only get involved in your home in the armed forces, but also with the THW, the fire brigade, the DRK or even in care facilities, "said Wendt in the program" Frühstart "from RTL and n-tv.

The reason for the advance is the growing competition between the aid organizations. Wendt, who is also active as President of the THW Federal Association, demands: "When recruiting, the impression must not be created that one is bigger than the other." According to the plans of the Ministry of Defense, the new volunteer reservists of the Bundeswehr should join the "Territorial reserve structures" do their job. But homeland security is not carrying a weapon, noted Wendt.

“Homeland security is to set up water pumps, carry a sandbag and set up test stations and of course do corona tests. All of this is civil protection. ”For the concrete implementation of a voluntary year of service, the CDU politician calls for a vote between the Bundeswehr and potentially all aid and civil protection organizations. A coordinating federal office like the former civil service office is also needed.

“There is a service package there, the state gives the corresponding money, 1.500 euros as a basic salary, and you can do this service at the THW, the Federal Armed Forces, the fire brigade, DRK and then later commit yourself to volunteer at the reserve and at the THW become."