Federal government skeptical about Sunday driving bans for motorcycles

Motorcycle, about dts
Motorcycle, about dts
Shortly before the large-scale demonstrations by motorcycle riders on Saturday, the Federal Government was reluctant to comment on the possible driving bans required by the Federal Council on Sundays and public holidays.

In response to a small request from the FDP parliamentary group, about which the RTL / n-tv editorial team reports, State Secretary Steffen Bilger (CDU) writes: “The road traffic authorities of the federal states can already use it to protect against noise and emissions, for example Restrict or prohibit certain streets or stretches of roads by motorcyclists. ”The authorities used the mean levels of the noise protection guidelines as a guide.

According to the response to the FDP request, the government is skeptical of the Federal Council's demand that motorcycles should only be allowed if they are not louder than 80 decibels - even at top speed. According to the experts, the value is reaching its limits, especially in the case of high-performance motorcycles, and is “assessed as not feasible from various sides”. Such a regulatory concept is currently not a majority in the EU and in the Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations (UNECE). The federal government advocates alternative requirements to reduce noise. She also speaks out against the so-called owner liability for motorcyclists and the introduction of a mandatory logbook edition. The transport policy spokesman for the FDP parliamentary group, Oliver Luksic, criticizes the answer from the transport ministry: "The federal government makes it too easy for itself with reference to the federal states and remains too vague with regard to the noise emission values," he told RTL / n-tv- Editorial staff. The Federal Council's demand for Sunday driving bans is disproportionate and unacceptable. "For many people, motorcycling means a piece of freedom; there is no need for inappropriate government patronage here," says Luksic.

Extremely loud motorcycles are a problem. The police must show more presence on problematic routes and control vehicles and accessories more effectively.