The federal government allows double funding for electric cars again

Anyone who buys a purely electric or hybrid vehicle can in future take advantage of other federal, state and local funding programs in addition to the federal purchase premium.

The federal government will lift the "cumulation ban" that has been in force since the summer, a spokesman for the Federal Ministry of Economics confirmed to the "Handelsblatt" (Monday edition). "We will publish the new guideline shortly," said the spokesman and, when asked, gave the date earlier this week.

"The accumulation will in principle be possible," he added. As part of the economic stimulus package, the federal government had increased the purchase premium to 9.000 euros for electric and 6.750 euros for plug-in hybrids. However, since then the condition has been that buyers are no longer allowed to claim any other funding. Fierce protests followed, as tens of thousands of customers ordered cars trusting the double funding and ?? given the long delivery times ?? had to make do with a lower subsidy when registering vehicles. According to the Federal Ministry of Economics, applicants for almost 10.000 vehicles in the additional federal funding programs for fleet renewal, for example in local transport, were affected by the cumulation ban. The number of private customers affected, who also use state subsidies, could not be quantified.