Since 2019, the federal government has only funded 19 sidings for companies

Track end, over dts
Track end, over dts
The federal government's plan to get more goods by rail is apparently barely making any headway.

In 2019 and 2020, the federal government funded the expansion, new construction and recommissioning of sidings in 19 cases and spent 9,8 million euros on them, as indicated in the response of the Federal Ministry of Transport to a request from the Green Bundestag member Sven-Christian Kindler which the newspapers of the Funke media group (Tuesday editions) report on. According to this, seven companies nationwide have been newly connected to the rail network, nine have expanded their connections, and three have reactivated the rails.

"The fact that the federal government has only funded 19 sidings in the last two years is a sign of poverty," said Kindler. “This will not be the case with the traffic turnaround.” In 2019 the funding amount was 6,7 million euros, the current year 3,1 million euros. If companies do not stand in line despite government funding of millions, something is going wrong, criticized Kindler, who is the budgetary spokesman for the Greens in the Bundestag.

A bureaucratic hurdles scare off small and medium-sized companies. Kindler calls on Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) to simplify and expand the funding. Austria and Switzerland are role models, where new sidings are being promoted unbureaucratically. "Shifting more freight traffic to rail is only possible if the infrastructural requirements are right," said Matthias Gastel, rail policy spokesman for the Greens, to the Funke newspapers.

The group wants to advocate higher funds in the upcoming budget discussions. In order to save, Deutsche Bahn closed hundreds of sidings in the early 2000s. The federal government wants to increase the share of rail freight transport to 2030 percent by 25 ?? currently it is around 18,5 percent.