Fire in two semi-detached houses in Merzig-Merchingen

| Image: Kirchheimbolanden police inspection
| Image: Kirchheimbolanden police inspection

Merzig (ots) - On Sunday, August 09.08.2020th, 16 at around 17:150.000 p.m., a fire in a house in Merchingen was reported via an emergency call. When the emergency services arrived on site, the flames broke out on several square meters from the top floor of the two-story single-family house, which shortly afterwards spread to the roof of the building on the left. The residents of the property had left the house on their own before the rescue workers arrived and were not injured by the fire or smoke. During the extinguishing work, a resident collapsed due to a previous illness and a young fire brigade member due to the high outside temperatures. Both people were taken to hospitals for medical treatment. Property damage of around 90 euros each resulted in both houses. The properties were no longer habitable. The residents stayed with relatives and neighbors. The extinguishing and rescue work was carried out by 17 fire fighters from the Merchingen volunteer fire brigade and the surrounding fire brigades as well as XNUMX rescue workers and several police officers from the Merzig police station. The Energis was also in use due to a damaged local network line.

The Merchingen through-town had to be completely closed for almost 3 hours.

The cause of the fire is still unclear. The investigation continues.

J. Günther Police Chief Inspector

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